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TOGAF 9 Certification Scenario Questions October 7, 2009

Posted by Chris Eaton in togaf 9.
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following on from the example multiple choice questions here are two scenario questions.

I will endeavour to write a few more but these should give you a sense of the question format and what the exam is looking for in terms of the ranked answers

download the sample scenario questions

download the multiple choice questions

TOGAF 9 Certification Multiple Choice Questions August 24, 2009

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there has been a lot of requests for TOGAF 9 questions so here is a set I made up for the multiple choice sections of the Certification and Bridging exams. I have not taken the exam yet but i have seen some of the example test papers

download the sample questions

*** update*** download the TOGAF 9 part 2 exam examples – these are the scenario questions

*** update *** I just posted an updated version of the questions following excellent feedback from Yuriy pointing out an error or two!

I should be taking the exam myself in the next couple of weeks, just as soon as our overdue baby arrives…