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artITecture Architecture Method

The artITecture architecture method is a complete architectural design method to think about and document a solution level architecture. An overview of the artITecture method can be found in this presentation.

Below are links to all the work products in the artITecture method, the work products containing suggested formats and advice for completion.

This is the first draft, comments are corrections are welcomed.

Work Product Name Download Link
Architecture Decisions Link
Architecture Overview Diagrams Link
Architecture Risk and Mitigation Plan Link
Architecture Scope and Context Link
Change Cases Link
Component Architecture Link
Data Architecture Link
Decision Model Link
Functional Requirements Link
Infrastructure Architecture Link
Integration Architecture Link
Non Functional Requirements Link
Technology Assessment Link


1. artITechitecture Solution Architecture Method « artITecture - March 4, 2009

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2. Architecting for the complete systems lifecycle « artITecture - March 5, 2009

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3. Mike Pourkaviani - December 6, 2011

Hi Chris:
I enjoyed reading your material on Architectural Methods.
I was wondering if I have your permission to use some or all of it as in a project that I am involved with at this time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Chris Eaton - December 7, 2011

feel free thats what its there for

any points of improvement i am always interested in


Mike Pourkaviani - December 7, 2011

Thanks Chris.
I will let you know, if I can suggest anything to improve.
However, they are looking good to me as they are.

Best Regards,
PS. Please send me an invite at LinkedIn.
Mike Pourkaviani

4. Baz - July 16, 2013

Wonderful !! chris They are very helpful

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