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I finally took the togaf 9 exam today December 4, 2009

Posted by Chris Eaton in architecture, togaf 9.

the exam went ok. The questions were very similar to the Open Group sample multiple choice and scenario questions. I am quietly hopeful i passed. I should find out at the start of next week whether i succeeded



1. joe - February 22, 2010

Hi Chris, so how’d it go? Looking through the amount of work and diligence you put in, I am quite sure you’d have sailed through the TOGAF exam.

Is there any advice/guidance/lessons learnt you’d like to offer to other potential candidates?


chriseaton - February 23, 2010

i passed πŸ™‚

i cant say i did all that much work, i did attend a 2 day refresher course which described the differences between togaf 8 and 9 and a few hours study of togaf. PArticular looking at the exam questions and their structure.

personally i think the test questions from the open group are a useful gauge of your knowledge, and hopefully the ones i wrote are useful too. Try and answer the questions withand without the TOGAF pdf and have a play with adobe search functions since this is available for different parts of the exam depending on which variety you are taking.

I would also say dont be afraid! quite a number of people at work have taken the exam and so far the pass rate is very high i dont think it quite a difficult as the open group try and suggest it is

best of luck!

2. MC - March 10, 2010

Is the study guide for the foundation certification (different from the free 90 day pdf) worth a buy? I am wondering if I should buy the guide and practice test 1.

chriseaton - March 10, 2010

hello, i do own a copy of the guide but i cant say i have read it. It does seem popular with collegues, i wonder if anyone else has a view?

3. Shekhar - August 23, 2010


The hardcopy and 90 day eval pdf are the same. I am using the pdf for preparation.

If you read Core Concepts and ADM then you should be through the exam.
Only the multiple choice questions are tricky.


4. Shashank - October 20, 2010

Finally took the test yesterday … TOGAF 9 Certified πŸ™‚

chriseaton - November 1, 2010


Shashank - November 2, 2010

And much of the credit goes to you too Chris. The study material and scenario questions were really useful. For the prep, I relied on the two books bought online (authored by Rachel Harrison), went through it atleast twice including the practice questions at the end of each chapter. In fact, i worried more about the scenario based questions, but in the exams, i fared bettere in the scenario questions that the objective exam for level-1. That gives me much confidence now πŸ™‚

pravin - February 28, 2011

Dear Shashank, can you please give some tips on the Scenario based quesions

5. Michael - November 10, 2010

Morning all,
I’m also on the TOGAF9 journey, i never studied Version8 so bought the reference book and have been making my way through that.

I recently bought the pocket guide and sample exam questions so i can begin to construct some revision notes. Chris your resources are invaluable so thank you for your contributions.

Finally, could anyone offer advice on revision approach as i was looking to follow the below:-

1) Read the pocket guide (again)
2) Read the exam questions/Chris’s questions
3) Make revision notes per section
4) Read the exam questions

Take the exams…

Ideally i would like to complete the above before Xmas so back to the books.



chriseaton - November 10, 2010

sounds like a good approach, good luck!

6. promise - November 12, 2010

Hi all.

I am trying to get suitable self study materials on TOGAF 9 certification.

Any suggestions on “best study materials” with regards to the TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 certifications?

Any access to sample / review questions to guide me?

Any Lessons learnt for recently certified persons?

Hope to cross the bridge March 2011

Any help will be highly apprecated

7. promise - November 12, 2010

Any blog for TOGAF certified wanna be?

8. Yawar - December 6, 2010

I am interested in TOGAF certification. Michael’s study plan sound good but are they any mock exams out there for TOGAF 9?

chriseaton, i read your article in which you mentioned the 2 routes in getting certified, 1) exam and 2)4/5 day course. How come the 4/5 day course ends up with a certification? Isn’t that an awfully convinient way to get certified?

chriseaton - December 6, 2010

they have stopped the course method way to achieve certification, you have to do the exam now

the open group have mock exams on their website, or there are the ones i have – not sure if there are others available

9. Rohan - January 10, 2011

Hi Guys,

I am new to the EA space, and thrugh general reading over the net and thru google, I come to know hat TOGAF should help me to get there and add value. Can any one suggest precise information on the process & the study material to get through this certification.


10. Dr. Abhijit Ray - January 24, 2011

Hi Chris, how did you prepared for TOGAF 9 certification? Did you went over the whole TOGAF Version 9 PDF document? or did you mostly focused on answering the questions (scenario based and multi choice) and that way tried to cover the contents?

I ask you this because I am finding it difficult to read through the whole 778 page document. Your suggestion will elp me a lot.


chriseaton - January 24, 2011

i went on a 2 days togaf 8 to 9 conversion course which had a few helpful pointers, i also had access to the open group exams through work, and of course i created the multiple choice questions and scenarios on this site

11. Priya - January 30, 2011


If any one has Togaf 9 Pocketbook pdf, could you please email to me.

email: priyakute@yahoo.com

Many Thanks

12. Lester - February 8, 2011

Hello guys,

I have booked Part1 and Part2 combined exam in March and have just started studying towards it.
I would be very glad if anyone can send me the study guide for Part2 (B096) @ lester_lasrado@yahoo.co.in
It will be very helpful ..
@Chris – Thanks for uploading the sample questions .. it really helps to know the kind of questions to expect πŸ™‚

13. Ganapathy Santhanam - February 23, 2011

Hi Chris,

I’m an IT consultant specialized in UNIX/Linux/ windows and Datacenter operations, my desire is to move to the next level, so will you recommend TOGAF is the right path for my goal?
also just worndering is it possible to take L1 and L2 combo as a single exam, if so please advice me the procedure to proceed further, and let me know the exam fee?

14. Ricardo - March 4, 2011

Dear Togafers
I planned to take the TOGAF9 exams as well next month. Would you please send some materials and mocks to rbaraldi@hotmail.com. I nicely apreciates helps.

15. Dylan - April 12, 2011


I am just about to start reading Togaf 9 in order to take the exma, parts 1 and 2 . I was wondering how long i should give myself before i take the exam, any ideas ?

Chris Eaton - May 7, 2011

if you think you are ready you probably are… the exam isnt that difficult if you have prepared for it

16. Abdul Wahab - April 26, 2011

Dear Chris,
I planned to take the TOGAF9 part 1 exam next month. Can help me to pass some materials and mocks to alfatah@hotmail.com. Appreciate your help.


17. Smitha - May 24, 2011

Hi All,

I am planning my togaf9(1&2) by next month.Could you please help me by sending the Mock exams and referral docs to malismitha_c@yahoo.com.Appreciate your help.


18. Sudhir - July 18, 2011


I am appearing for TOGAF 9.0 exam next week. Can you please send me the study materials to: bsudhir@gmail.com

Thank you

19. Babul Reddy - August 10, 2011

Hi Sudhir
Advance Congrats . hope you are now certified.

Please can you share your views on this exam.

Thanks in Advance. babulreddyv@yahoo.com

Babul Reddy

20. Jay - September 10, 2011

Dear All,
If anyone of you has TOGAF 9 Pocketbook PDF or study material or mocks – could you please share with me.

Email: jay_tanikella@yahoo.com

Many Thanks,

21. yogesh - September 13, 2011

I am planning to give the exam in next week, requesting you to kindly send me the study material and important document at my email id – yogesh.bagkar@gmail.com

22. Guruprasad - October 11, 2011


I am planning to takeup Togaf 9 examination this week and appreciate if someone could send the study guides (Part 1 & 2) to my email: guruprasad_rs@yahoo.com

23. Shiv - October 18, 2011

I am also planning to take the Togaf 9 exam before the end of the year. Greatly appreciate this site for so much information. Can someone send me the Part1 and 2 Study guides and also Any mock exams not on this site.

Also, Has there any change occurred in exam format from last year?


24. shashikant - October 24, 2011

Hi Friends ,
I am planning to take up the TOGAF 9 part1 and part 2 exams but really not sure how to proceed.If some one can help me by providing some guide or pdf I would be very thankful.my email id is shashikant.tripathi@gmail.com


25. vijay - November 12, 2011

i am planning to take TOGAF 9 Part 1 certification pls send me the details to grvijjay@gmail.com


26. pradeep - November 14, 2011

I am planning to take the TOGAF certification, please email me a copy of the pdf to pradeep.bill@gmail.com, and also anything that is helpful


27. georgiosleon - November 21, 2011

Me too I am planning to take the TOGAF certification, please email me too a copy at georgiosleonl@gmail.com


georgiosleon - November 21, 2011

correction my email georgiosleon@gmail.com

28. RAH - November 29, 2011

hI chris,
CAN YOU please email me the TOFAG 9 exam question asap ?
i have a exam day after..

29. Roopa - December 7, 2011

Hi ,
I am also planning to take the exam could you send me the guide and mock questions… thanks.

30. Prakash - December 27, 2011

Can someone please send me Study Guide (pdf version) for Part 1 & 2. My email address is prakash_dubey@msn.com

31. sasi - January 10, 2012

Can any body please email be (valiveti2010@gmail.com)the study , certificaiton, pocket guides and mock exam of TOGAF 9. Appreciate you help.

32. bahti - January 14, 2012

It would be very much appreciated if anyone could forward me the study guide and mock exam for TOGAF 9 please.

thanks in advance!

33. bahti - January 14, 2012

ops apologies, forgot to mention my email address above πŸ™‚ My email is bahti_fbm@yahoo.com

senthil - January 19, 2012

Can anyone send me Togaf level 2 material and sample to srsk79@gmail.com

34. Nick - February 1, 2012


I’m planning to sit the TOGAF 9 part 1 and part 2 exams at the end of the month and would really appreciate any advice and copies of the study guide and mock exams. My email is nbyers69@gmail.com


35. Stef - February 16, 2012

Am taking the exam (combined part 1 and 2) next week.
I would be extremely grateful if anyone would send me the mock exams.


36. mojola - February 24, 2012

I want to take the togaf exams (1 and 2) can anyone PLEASE send me useful materials and mock exams. Thanks


37. Ruchika - February 29, 2012

Can any body please email be (ruchi0955@yahoo.com) the study guide (pdf version) part1 and part2, certificaiton, pocket guides and mock exam of TOGAF 9. Would really appreciate your help.


38. Tiro - March 7, 2012

I am taking the Togaf 9 part 1 exam would be extremely grateful and appericate if someone would send me the mock exams and the pocket guide on tero2000@yahoo.com .

does part 1 include inputs and outputs of each phaze in the multiple choice questions ??

39. Mokifts - March 21, 2012

I saw a lot of TOGAF fans requesting for TOGAF 9 Pocketbook PDF or study material or mocks. I am also one of them. I am studying and going for the exam in next month. Appreciate if someone can share that with me too.
Email: stephaniemokmok@yahoo.com

40. Ahmed - March 30, 2012


Kindly, Anyone can send me the study material please to a_Bawazir@hotmail.com. As I have to take the exam next mo th.

Thanks in advance.

41. Andrew - April 11, 2012

can someone pleas send me TOGAF 9 Pocketbook PDF and Mock exam on apurvamca@yahoo.com, that will be great. Thanks in advance,Apurva

42. Gab Singh - April 12, 2012

Can any body please e-mail me (gabsingh11@yahoo.com) or send me the link (if any)the study guide (pdf version) part2, certificaiton, pocket guide and mock exam of TOGAF 9 (Part 2).

I would really appreciate your help.


43. Balaji G - April 27, 2012

Can somone please send me study material for TOGAF 9 on bala_g123@rediffmail.com
I am planning to write the exam next month. Any tips on preparation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

44. mbiche - May 10, 2012

Please send me the Part 2 of Togaf 9, study material, practice questions to mbiche@gmail.com. Thank You

45. Ashish - May 24, 2012

Can anyone please send me the Part2 of Togaf9 practice questions to ashish.sriv@gmail.com


46. anvv - June 5, 2012

I planned to take the TOGAF9 (part1 & part2) exam next month.
Can Please, send across some materials and mocks to anvvsharma@gmail.com. Thanks in adv


47. ACJHA - June 16, 2012

Please send me also the study material for TOGAF 9 and mock exam on amiteshj@yahoo.com.


48. talk - July 6, 2012

I planned to take the TOGAF9 (part1 & part2) exam next month.
Can Please, send across some materials and mocks to talktyl@gmail.com. Thanks in adv

49. Bola - July 27, 2012

Hello Chris, will this material suffice for the Foundation exams? or would I need more? . Thanks in advance.

50. Mazhar - July 29, 2012

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your efforts. I am planning for the exam and would like to have the relevant study material. It will be great if you or someone can email the documents. Email: smmazhar@gmail.com


51. Padma Parakala - August 2, 2012

I am planning to talk TOGAF exam this month . Can please send the mock exmas to vividind@yahoo.com

52. Pintu - August 5, 2012

Chris, or anyone else have the TOGAF Part 2 Self Study guide in PDF format? I am preparing for the exam, appreciate if it can be mailed to pintuseth01@hotmail.com. In addition, are there any sample quiz or questions?

53. archie - August 31, 2012

Dear togafers,

i m taking the test this month, part 1 and part 2could you please send through useful links to mailtoarch@gmail.com

54. Mahesh - September 4, 2012

Hi, I am planning to take the TOGAF Part 1 and 2 this month. Can you pls. send me the pdf study material for Part2( mail id is mahesh29000@yahoo.com). Thanks in advance.

55. Amo - October 3, 2012

Hi, I am planning on sitting the Togaf exams in the next 3 months. Would appreciate any training material in advance. Please send to aphagora@hotmail.com

56. Raghunath Sethy - October 17, 2012

I am planning to write the TOGAF9 (Part 1 & Part 2) exam. Can anyone please send me TOGAF 9 Pocketbook PDF and mock exam links to sethy.raghunath@gmail.com ?



57. Mattish - October 19, 2012

I’m too lazy to do research and download your mocks myself, so I want someone else to do everything for me. Forget the materials and mocks, please send me my TOGAF certification to justplainlazy@handouts.com ;o)>

58. Avik Bhattacharjee - November 13, 2012

I am planning for TOGAF 9 Part 1 and Part 2. Can anybody please send me the study materials to avik.bhattacharjee@gmail.com

59. jimit - November 20, 2012

Need guidance.. I appeared TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 combined. I passed level 2 and failed level 1.
So when i appear next time do I have to take level 1 and 2 both or can i take only level 1 only and get the over all pass by carrying forward the level 2 score?

60. suresh - December 4, 2012

Hello All
I’m looking to get into ea space so considering taking togaf 9 early next year.Can someone share tips on how to start and send me the pdf guides if possible to beoptima@yahoo.co.uk

many thanks

61. Majeed - December 17, 2012

Hello All
I’m also looking to get into ea space so considering taking togaf 9 .Can someone share the pdf guides if possible to msalmadan@yahoo.com


62. Seshu - January 23, 2013

Hello All,
I’m planing to take TOGAF 9 Part1 exam, can any one one please send me the material to vijayaseshukumar@gmail.com

63. E.H, - February 17, 2013

Dear All,

I am planning to take TOGAF 9 part 1 & 2 next month. Would you please send me part 1 & 2 study materials and mock exams to vdemad@hotmail.com

Many Thanks,

64. Pavan - March 9, 2013

Hi all,
Can someone share tips and any sample questions for the TOGAF 9.1 exams.
Please send info at psibal@yahoo.com.

65. Suresh - March 10, 2013

Can someone share with me the pocket guide? My email address is: stockician@yahoo.com


66. yaathirigan - March 12, 2013

Hi all
I have created a quick reference Cheat Sheet for TOGAF which came very handy during my TOGAF preparation. These cheat sheets are available from my blog @ http://yaathirigan.blogspot.in/2013/03/togaf-prep-material.html

I hope people looking forward for their Foundation & Certification exam might find this handy.

MaxWell - November 12, 2013

@ yaathirigan
Doing TOGAF 9.1 training this week, the posts on your blog are excellent at clarifying the trainers sometimes wishy washy statements, Thanks bundles

67. subram - March 20, 2013

Can any body please email be (manypoints@gamil.com) the study guide (pdf version) part1 and part2, certificaiton, pocket guides and mock exam of TOGAF 9. Would really appreciate your help.

68. Pushpendra - April 3, 2013

Hello Friends,

I am planning to take up the TOGAF 9 part1 and part 2 exams but really not sure how to proceed.If some one can help me by providing some guide or pdf I would be very thankful. My email id is pksaxena@gmail.com


69. Gopa - April 24, 2013

I am planning to take the foundation exam on TOGAF could someone pls tell who is the target segment for this exam. Is this only for the database designer, unix admin etc. If anyone could share the foundation guide @gopa2222@gmail.com that would be helpful

70. importunate - September 5, 2013

Please help me with this scenario, pretty please:

Please read this scenario prior to answering the question

Glacier Ridge LLC is a vacation property management firm that is growing through acquisition. It manages over 200 resort properties across North America. Many of the resort properties use the same internal IT systems that they used before they were acquired. Until recently, the only requirement that has been placed on each property is that they use a standard financial reporting system to report their financials ID the headquarters on a weekly basis.

The CEO has stated his concerns about the inefficiencies of the current approach and identified the need to change. He has defined a new strategic vision that will enhance the Glacier Ridge property business by standardizing its operations across the network to provide consolidated financial, human resources, logistics, sales and marketing, and yield management. He has also stated that he expects results by the end of the current fiscal year. These changes will provide the company with improved utilization of its capacity and more efficient operations. The addition of a corporate-wide data warehouse will provide analytics that will enable the marketing group to improve its ability to target advertising into key markets to improve yields.

Glacier Ridge has mature enterprise architecture (EA) practice and uses TOGAF 9 as the method and guiding framework. The CIO is the sponsor of the activity. In planning this change; the Chief Architect engaged the services of a well-known consulting firm
That specializes in business strategy. An initial study has been conducted to identify the strategic changes needed to implement the CEO’s vision. This recently completed with approval of a strategic architecture encompassing the entire firm, including detailed requirements and recommendations.

Based on the recommendations from the initial engagement, Glacier Ridge has embraced an Architecture Vision to adopt an enterprise application that is tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry.

Refer to the Glacier Ridge scenario
Your role is that of Chief Architect. You have been asked to recommend the best approach to take in this architecture engagement to realize the CEO’s vision.

Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is the best answer?

Since the initial engagement has identified the need to change, you recommend that the team focus on defining the target architecture by going through the architecture definition phases (B-D). This will ensure that the change can be defined in a structured manner and address the requirements needed to realize the vision.

Since the vision is well understood and the strategic architecture agreed, you recommend that the target architecture is defined first, followed by transition planning. This will ensure that the current inefficiencies of the baseline architecture are not carried forward, and that the proposed solution addresses the requirements identified in the initial architecture engagement.

You recommend that this engagement define the Technology Architecture first in order to assess the current infrastructure capacity and capability. Then the focus should be on transition planning and architecture deployment. This will identify requirements to ensure that the projects are sequenced in an optimal fashion so as to realize the vision.

You recommend that the team focus on architecture definition, with a specific emphasis on understanding the strategic change parameters of the business strategy. Once understood, the team will be in the best position to identify the requirements, drivers, issues, and constraints for this engagement. You would ensure that the target architecture addresses non-functional requirements so as to help forecast future impacts.

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