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TOGAF 9 Certification Multiple Choice Questions August 24, 2009

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there has been a lot of requests for TOGAF 9 questions so here is a set I made up for the multiple choice sections of the Certification and Bridging exams. I have not taken the exam yet but i have seen some of the example test papers

download the sample questions

*** update*** download the TOGAF 9 part 2 exam examples – these are the scenario questions

*** update *** I just posted an updated version of the questions following excellent feedback from Yuriy pointing out an error or two!

I should be taking the exam myself in the next couple of weeks, just as soon as our overdue baby arrives…



1. Vass Madabushi - September 3, 2009

Hi Chris

cannot thank you more for your effort in preparing the practice questionnaire and sharing it. Found it to be very insightful and helpful for my preparation.

From Germany

chriseaton - September 6, 2009

did you take the exam? how did it go? what did you think?

Tariq - October 11, 2010

Hi Vass,

I am trying to do the Togaf part 2 exam, do you have senario questions and any material that helps passing the exam. I appreciate it if you send to me at tariqabuzaid@hotmail.com

2. Hassan - September 5, 2009

Hia, hoping u r TOGAF 9 certified. If u have more Qs specially scenario based, can u please send to me at hamidhsn@gmail.com Thanks in advance

3. Gopal - October 5, 2009

Hi Chris,

I am planning to take up TOGAF 9 ( foundation + certified ). I know for Foundation suggested Study Material is “Togaf 9 foundation Study Guide” but for the certified there is NO books as of now. Please suggest what to read

4. chriseaton - October 6, 2009

you are right the Study guide is positioned for part 1 exam only – for anyone interested the book can be purchased here -> http://www.theopengroupbookshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=796

i am writing some example scenario questions and hope to have them published shortly

The open group website states that a second guide for the 2nd exam is under development although no date is given

In the meantime how about try the TOGAF 9 example questions from the open group themselves -> http://www.opengroup.org/bookstore/catalog/b093.htm

5. MC - March 4, 2010

For those who are preparing or have already taken the Part 1 exam, is the free downloadable Togaf 9 pdf enough to prepare (excluding the practice questions) or do you recommend using (buying) the Exam 1 study guide? I am trying to decide whether the $30 for the study guide is worth it or not. Thanks in advance for any advice on this.


6. Togaf materials - Where and How? | IT Certification - June 1, 2010
7. H.A - October 18, 2010


I’ve gone trough the foundation study guide in “moderate” detail then the test yourself questions after every chapter and also gone trough the 40 exam test questions at the very end of the guide and have done very well so far. However, I’ve also downloaded and gone trough you’re “Togaf 9 Multiple Choice questions” and did NOT do very well at all. So a little concerned, Is the multiple choice questions deriving from Exam part 1 (Foundation Material)? The Study guide exams provided me with a false persception that I understood the theoretical concepts well enough but apparently that isnt the case..

Is the multiple choice questions a more realistic example of the real test questions vs the study guide?

Could it be that perhaps I am missing some vital study material?

Where could I aquire more test exam questions for the Foundation Exam Part 1?

any help is appreciated.!
thank you for your time.

chriseaton - October 18, 2010

my set of questions is intended to be difficult so dont be discouraged. If you are doing well in the open group practice tests then go for it their questions have a range of difficulty whereas mine are all targetted at the hard end. GL!

8. H.A - October 19, 2010

thanks Chris.. in that case I’ll go over the multiple choice once again and also the practice test that came with the Study Kit then review pocket guide and reference cards… Hoping to schedule the test for early next week.

thanks for your valuable input.

9. Troy Campano - December 29, 2010

Thanks Chris, i used your practice questions along with the official Open Group practice tests and passed the test today. I found your practice questions very helpful!

Yahya - February 19, 2012

could u please send me somw sample qustions, i would like to examin the TOGAF

10. TOGAF Test | TroyGeek - December 31, 2010

[…] Once you think you have enough knowledge to take the TOGAF exam, take a practice exam. Chris Eaton has put together a great set of practice questions that give you a gauge on the level of understanding needed for the exam. Check them out on his site artITecture here: https://chriseaton.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/togaf-9-certification-multiple-choice-questions/. […]

11. Passing the TOGAF Exam | TroyGeek - January 1, 2011

[…] Once you think you have enough knowledge to take the TOGAF exam, take a practice exam. Chris Eaton has put together a great set of practice questions that give you a gauge on the level of understanding needed for the exam. Check them out on his site artITecture here: https://chriseaton.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/togaf-9-certification-multiple-choice-questions/. […]

12. Arvind - February 14, 2011

Hi Chris,
Appreciate your collection of fantastic questions on TOGAF
I would like to include your questions and answers along with some of the questions i’hve gathered to provide a online test (to be hosted on GoogleAppEngine and free to every one!), hope you have no issues.


chriseaton - February 14, 2011

fine with me, sounds like a good idea, if it could be made just the exam that would be perfect

Yahya - February 19, 2012

could u please mail me these qustions

13. Ajay - March 24, 2011

Hi Troy,
I was searching information on TOGAF and came across your blog, nice write up.
I have around five years of software design and development experience and recently completed my Sun Certified Enterprise Architect exam and now looking at TOGAF certification.
I wanted to ask you, does completing TOGAF really adds any value?
It would be great if you can share information on what benefits you got after taking this certification.


Ajay - March 24, 2011

should be Chris instead of Troy
sorry for that

chriseaton - March 24, 2011


does TOGAF certification add real value? hmm good question

i think the answer is yes, i think it does demonstrate a commitment to architecture and personal development as a current or potential employee at any point in your career, as a budding architect or an old warhorse and that you are familiar with this well know methodology.

i have passed the Sun/Oracle Certified Enterprise Architect(SCEA) exams as well as TOGAF. You will find the TOGAF exam a great deal easier and quicker to achieve. It also has wider, general recognition.

I like to think of the SCEA as a secret society because if you have passed it, you know it is hard, and you cant help respect anyone else who has passed it!

Ajay - March 24, 2011

thanks for the response
Just came across another certification IATC from open group, wondering which one i should go for IATC or TOGAF?
It would be great to know your opinion on this

14. chriseaton - March 24, 2011

do you mean ITAC?

ITAC is a higher end certification than either TOGAF or SCEA, and not surprisingly more effort to achieve

Regarding the value of ITAC this is more tricky to judge. I dont believe it has widespread recognition and it is alot of effort, comparable to SCEA at least.
Having said that, in the interests of professionalism in architecture i do believe this is the way (or the sort of way) architects should be evaluated and entitled or denied to use the name ‘architect’

the ITAC certification is not an exam. you create a document following the ITAC template and submit this for review. The document looks at your own skill assessment, detail job profiles, references and contributions to architecture to assess you as an architect. The last step is a panel interview. It is not a light undertaking.

I do have ITAC certification too, if you need any help let me know glad to help out

15. Ajay - March 24, 2011

yup i meant ITAC.
I have decided to go for TOGAF first.
Thanks for offering the help, i really appreciate it. Will get in touch if need any help during my preparation.


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18. Udayan Banerjee - March 30, 2011

I have taken inspiration from you and created another set of questions for part 1.


19. TOGAF Foundation Level Certification – Another Practice Test « Udayan Banerjee's Blog – From The Other Side - March 31, 2011

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20. Ben - April 10, 2011

Hi Chris,

I am taking the TOGAF Foundation Exam tomorrow and found your blog a few days ago and associated questions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting together a set of practice questions. I have one query, Question #2 regarding Architecture Building blocks, the stated answer is (B) ‘Building blocks cannot be decomposed into smaller supporting building blocks’. Section 37.2.2 states a good building block: ‘It may be a subassembly of other building blocks.’ which in my mind implies that a building block could (in some situations) be decomposed into its constituent building blocks. What do you think?


21. Kris - May 28, 2011

Which of the following is not true of the Architecture Development Method?
a) The ADM explains how generic solutions can be specialized to support an organisation
b) The ADM has ten phases
c) The ADM provides a tested process for developing architectures
d) The ADM is iterative
e) The ADM allows organisations to transform their enterprise in response to business goals and opportunities

My question is “does ADM has ten phases”? Answer is given as “A”. Can I know why?

Chris Eaton - June 30, 2011

the reason is that the Enterprise Continuum covers answer A rather than the ADM

TOGAF includes the concept of the Enterprise Continuum, which sets the broader context for an architect and explains how generic solutions can be leveraged and specialized in order to support the requirements of an individual organization. The Enterprise Continuum is a view of the Architecture Repository that provides methods for classifying architecture and solution artifacts as they evolve from generic Foundation Architectures to Organization-Specific Architectures. The Enterprise Continuum comprises two complementary concepts: the Architecture Continuum and the Solutions Continuum.

Martin - July 19, 2011

The ADM has 9 phases not 10 and therefore B is also not true.

vadi - February 1, 2013

ADM has 10 phases

Douglas Brown - April 8, 2013

Hi, Chris: I found most of TOGAF to be very useful but I have to say I never did quite figure out the value of the Enterprise Continuum other than to point out in a picture that elements can range from solution-speciifc to enterprise-generic. Is it actually used for anything?

22. DG - July 26, 2011

Hi thanks for this. Did frighten me at first how many I got wrong but thanks to your answers I can quickly navigate to the section and check… which is what I did for Question 25 and spotted a misleading typo.
answer a) should pobably read ‘Catastrophic, CRITICAL, Marginal and Negligible” I found “crucial” to be a red herring and tripped up. But this is not to nip pick. It is an observation for continuous improvement for the community. thanks again. ;o)

Chris Eaton - July 28, 2011

oops 😀

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24. Prashant - August 28, 2011

I am preparing for TOGAF Level 1 & 2.
Any questionair from exam perspective will be very helpful. Please email me at pnayans@hotmail.com

25. Anshudhar - September 8, 2011

HI Chris ,

Do u have TOGAF9 Part-1 and Part-2 scenario based Questions ?
Kindly share..

I shall be thankful..

26. srinivas - October 22, 2011

Hi Chris, I am planning to appear for TOGAFlevel1 exam. Shall I start with the document that is shared in open group website before I go thru the sample questions? Please advise.

Chris Eaton - October 23, 2011

a good look at the TOGAf 9 book is essential – it is free on line at http://pubs.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf9-doc/arch/

27. srinivas - October 23, 2011

Thanks Chris

28. Vishal - October 29, 2011

Hi Chris,

I’m targeting Part-1 exam next week, I would be very thankful if you can share more questions @ vishal.vg@gmail.com


29. Sanjeev - November 6, 2011

Hi Chris,

I wanted to have some information on the retake policy. Suppose I take OGO-093 combined exam and flunk either in Part1 or in Part2, as per policy the wait period is for 1 month. My question is do in need to take both the exam or only retake the exam which i have flunked?

Your advice will be appreiciated.

Chris Eaton - November 6, 2011

hmm good question and i dont know the answer im afraid

Sanjeev - November 7, 2011

Ok, Chris .. I got the information from The Open group site


“TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and 2 – This is a combined TOGAF 9 Part 1 and Part 2 examination for candidates who want to achieve Level 2 certification directly in a single examination. It consists of two sections, with pass marks as per the TOGAF 9 Part 1 and 2 examinations described above. Each section must be passed in order to obtain an overall pass mark. If you fail a section then no certification is awarded, however you only need retake the Examination(s) corresponding to the failed section(s). “

30. Nilanjan Roy - November 29, 2011

Hi Chris,

Hope you are aware of the plugin for the Enterprise Architect tool (from Sparx Systems )named as MDG Technology for TOGAF. Here we can model almost all the phases of TOGAF-ADM, TOGAF-Enterprise Continnum, and TOGAF_SIB. How useful this tool would be for the exam… Can you please help me getting a real world example where these phases can be implemented to the possible extent ?

31. TOGAF Certification « A hands on SOA Architect's Blog - December 30, 2011

[…] Udayan Banerjee for his useful blog with TOGAF 9 sample questions, and Chris Eaton for his blog TOGAF 9 sample questions for Level 1 and Level 2 exams. They were […]

32. Yabely Henry Guardia Cachari - January 16, 2012

Your application certification or even the accredited buying practitioner was initially set up in 96. These days it’s going through massive requirements inside it sector.cpsm study guide

33. apk - February 9, 2012

Question 21
The Architecture Continuum consists of which types of architecture — correct answer is C, but in the answers section its listed as D!

Dean - August 17, 2012

Agree. Still very useful Material – thanks for spending the time doing this and for making it public.

34. Vikas - February 17, 2012

Hi All , I am preparing for Togaf 9 (Level 1 and 2). A quick question around the coverage in Level 1 and 2 . Is there any limitations around syllabus covered by Level 1 and 2 respectively ? Precisely is that both levels span over complete TOGAF study guide or Level 1 covers only specific topics or headers ?


35. Satyaki Basu - April 21, 2012

Hi Chris, Just wanted to thank you for the sample tests that you’ve provided. They did provide very good direction. Just cleared my Togaf9 (level 1 & level 2) combined exam yesterday ie 20th Apr 2012

Bibhuti - May 12, 2012

Hi Satyaki,

Could you please send me sample tests for togaf 9 part 2 exam in my email id : mbsbibhuti@gmail.com.

36. Ileana - April 23, 2012

HI Chris ,

I’m preparing for Togaf 9 (L1 and L2). Please, could you help me with TOGAF9 Part-1 and Part-2 scenario based Questions?

Thank you very much.

manuel - May 4, 2012

I am preparing a free online tool to test your togaf exam. feel free to give it a try you can find it at togaf.altervista.org

Still under construction but I’ll add other tests soon !

37. Bibhuti - May 12, 2012

Hi Chris,

I have failed once on TOGAF Part 2 exam. Could you please guide me and send me scenario based sample for the exam in my email id : mbsbibhuti@gmail.com ?

Thanks in advance

free togaf tests - May 12, 2012

hi ,

try to have a look to my tests at togaf.altervista.org you’ll find part 2 tests as well.


38. Thiyagarajan - June 13, 2012

Hi Chris,
I’m preparing for Togaf 9.1 (L1 and L2) and planning to take the exam by this month end. Could you kindly help me with TOGAF9.1 Part-1 and Part-2 scenario based Questions?.
Many Thanks in advance,

39. TOGAF 9 – Exam Preparation - August 8, 2012
40. markwilson.it » Getting my head around Enterprise Architecture (specifically TOGAF) - August 10, 2012

[…] Chris Eaton’s TOGAF 9 example multiple choice questions. […]

41. Kabayadondo Elettor - August 17, 2012

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42. Shubhabrata Mitra - August 27, 2012

Hi Chris,

Probably you’ve already responded to this question but request you to help me.

I am planning to take the TOGAF – Level 1 (Foundatio) certification exam next month. Could you please help me with the preparation plan that I can follow? (I mean the books/resources I must refer to).


43. Adi - November 28, 2012

I’m a bit confused about the study guide for fundation: is it meant to supplement the togaf document or can it be used standalone for certification purposes?


44. Passing the TOGAF Exam | DevArchitecture - January 9, 2013

[…] Once you think you have enough knowledge to take the TOGAF exam, take a practice exam. Chris Eaton has put together a great set of practice questions that give you a gauge on the level of understanding needed for the exam. Check them out on his site artITecture here: https://chriseaton.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/togaf-9-certification-multiple-choice-questions/. […]

45. Thiruppathy - January 20, 2013


Your model questions are very useful to recap for exam preparation. It gave a good view of how the questions would be in the real exam.

Thanks for model questions.

After my exam preparation, I used your questions to test my knowledge and they helped me to understand the lacking areas and I revised those topics.

At last, I took the exam on Nov 2012 and passed in TOGAF 9 part 1 and part 2 together.


Chris Eaton - January 20, 2013


Pamela - February 25, 2013

Hi Chris,

Do you have any question dump or Model test papers for Togaf Foundation 9.1 ( exam code :OG0 – 091 )?

I will appear for Togaf Foundation 9.q on 8th March ’13.

Earnestly request your help:
My mail id: pamela-2.biswas-2@cognizant.com

Best Regards,
Pamela Biswas

46. Rajiv - January 26, 2013

Is there any dump available for og0-093?

47. Addakula - February 24, 2013

Hi Chris

I am planning to take togaf 9 (level 1) foundation on March month. After clearing the exam, am i eligible to take togaf 9.1 level 2 and get certified as togaf 9.1 or I have to take togaf 9 level 1 & level 2 together before june 2013. Please suggest on this. My objective is to get togaf 9 or 9.1 certified but step by step (taking the exam seperately).


48. yaathirigan - March 12, 2013

Hi all
I have created a quick reference Cheat Sheet for TOGAF which came very handy during my TOGAF preparation. These cheat sheets are available from my blog @ http://yaathirigan.blogspot.in/2013/03/togaf-prep-material.html

I hope people looking forward for their Foundation & Certification exam might find this handy.

49. Vrush - March 18, 2013


I have cleared TOGAF 9 certification last weekend..Would anybody please help me to guide on how to get working experience in Enterprise architecture?
How to project ourself as certified enterprise archietct?

I am very keen to work in enterprise archietcture area.My question is what next after TOGAF certification

50. jeanne’s togaf foundation cert in 3 weeks experiences | Down Home Country Coding With Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky - April 10, 2013

[…] The questions in this free mock exam were significantly harder than the mock exam.  The site says they were created by a team of TOGAF certified architects.  However, all three exams were published elsewhere on the internet first.  Where the authors said they took them before taking the real exam. There are a ton of ads on the exam – 2 per question.  I found some grammar issues.   That said, it was helpful to take them for learning/flashcard type purposes.  Note that these exams were originally published under separate cover – no need to take them in both places.  The originals are here, here and here. […]

51. Zeeshan - May 21, 2013

Can anyone share Togaf 9 sample tests with me? I am planning to take the Level 1 & 2 combined exam next week. My email is

52. TOGAF study suggestions for Foundation and Certified - June 12, 2013

[…] Sample questions from Chris Eaton […]

53. TOGAF 9 resources | Ada Westerinen - February 18, 2014

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