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a threat to traditional software – platform as a service June 20, 2008

Posted by Chris Eaton in IT Architecture.
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robert scoble posted this interview with the CEO of Salesforce.com -> http://www.fastcompany.tv/video/salesforcecom-become-platform-juggernaut-says-ceo

the interview is reasonably long at 24 minutess but it is immensely thought provoking. Salesforce have become known offering Software as a service type solutions in CRM but with an extra twist where applications can be written using their ‘platform’. In essence everything you need to build an application or to build upon an existing salesforce application is offered as a service, and you dont need any infrastructure yourself you simply post your code to the infrastructure Salesforce offer. The underlying technology to support fully functioning applications is hidden. If you want to store data then just post and retrieve it using their api or you can use their applications out of the box, The level if isolation from the underlying technology is very high. You dont have to bother knowing about whether it is db2, oracle or sqlserver… google, amazon and other are offering platform as a service too and microsoft are responding too.

This seems like a threat to all standard packaged software as we know it – from MS Word to Websphere Application Server to SAP to Windows – as a business and application builder you do not need these parts if you use a platform as a service since the platform takes care of the ‘platform’ level elements for you so you dont have to bother – as long as you have a browser and a network connection your ready to roll…



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