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hearts, minds, boxology and clouds June 19, 2008

Posted by Chris Eaton in people.
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I am someone who would position themselves as technical, a diagram (ppt!) is likley to pique my interest if it has a few boxes, arrows and clouds since it is likely to be an architecture chart I can examine. I spend a lot of meetings with other boxologists discussing the advantages and disadvantages of doing something one way or another. I really enjoy these kinds of discussions and in the last few years have made strides to actively include more, rather than, less people and kinds of people. Whilst harder to herd the cats the decision will undoubtedly be better than a couple of architects doing architecture for architecture sake.

The usability guys I work with in particular bring a very different perspective to the table. My bane however is project managers – how much is going to cost, how long will it take, what are the dependancies…ARG! they drive me nuts! but i do know they are doing their jobs by asking these questions and these pragmatic project management aspects are just as important to bringing value as my undoubtedly brilliant architecture is. I would encourage everyone to be more inclusive, wind those hearts and minds it not just about elegant diagrams.



1. JBA - August 26, 2008

Chris just discovered your blog, thought you may want to invest in boxologists.com as its available!

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