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Building Solutions from Enterprise Architecture June 17, 2008

Posted by Chris Eaton in EA.
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I am in a fortunate place right now to be working with the top EA thought leaders in IBM on how an EA could and should be used to create solutions. We are looking at how an enterprise architecture (a city or town plan) can be taken and refined into a solution architecture (a plan for a single building)

a great guideline we have is to trying to keep in mind how a solution architect could be working in an tool would define a solution architecture. Instead of starting with a blank screen (aka powerpoint) the starting point should be the assets within an organisations enterprise architecture. Note: it maybe necessary to go back to the EA and update it (change manage it) if assets are missing!

There are two types of asset, firstly those which can be dragged and dropped onto the solution architecture and secondly, those which are are not.

The first category would include reference architectures which would be need to be customised for a specific solution, existing or new components or services, user groups and locations, nodes, etc. In summary anything which appears on a solution architecture should be referenceable to the EA.

The second category would be artifacts like Architectural Principles or Business Strategy – they influence the architecture but are not specifically part of a solution architecture. They cannot be dragged and dropped onto a solution architecture.



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