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Whats the value of TOGAF certification? August 27, 2008

Posted by Chris Eaton in EA, mentoring.
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A mentee wrote to me with the following questions on whether TOGAF certification is worthwhile and where it might lead, here is my take on what he asked about…

  • How do I become TOGAF certified?
  • What kind of insight you will be able to give in terms of the Return on investment of TOGAF certification?
  • If I take the TOGAF exam right away what kind of opportunities should I look for and who are the potential employers?
  • At this stage what would my typical work profile be if I get a EA job?

How do I become TOGAF certified?

There are two routes to TOGAF certification, the first is simply to sit the exam, the second is to attend a TOGAF certified course which takes 4 or 5 days to go through all of the TOGAF material and results in certification and there is no exam.  I have TOGAF certification through the course. I have read that the exam is relatively straightforward but like all exams preparation is key and a decent knowledge of TOGAF is needed Take a look at the Open Group website for TOGAF Certification

What kind of insight you will be able to give in terms of the Return on investment of TOGAF certification?

For me TOGAF certification has been a great investment. I achieved certification by taking the certification approved course and I should add that the course was paid for by IBM. My own situation is about to change and I am about to leave IBM to work for another multinational based here in the United Kingdom. My new employer has checked my TOGAF certification credentials and I believe this gives an indication that they considered this very important. I also want to add that holding TOGAF certification alone is not likely to convince a potential employer that you can work as an Enterprise Architect. Some work experience in the Enterprise Architecture area is likely to be very desireable. This leads into the question how do I find my first EA role?  That is a great question, one not easily answered and perhaps the subject for a future post :)

If I take the TOGAF exam right away what kind of opportunities should I look for and who are the potential employers?

EA remains a relatively specialised field, it is likely that most work will be with larger organisations. In my mind Enterprise Architecture is very much about the optimisation of available IT spend to ensure that available investment money is directed to strategic IT systems rather than wasting money investing in short term or legacy systems. Larger organisations are more likely to have problems with these aspects of investment since often they have disparate IT offerings and duplicate systems resulting from a lack of coordination across companies and countries or because they are making acquisitions who have made their own IT which may or may not match the IT of the buyer.
In terms of potential employers there is tremendous interest in EA at the moment in all sorts of organisations. You can either look to work directly for organisations like banks, manufacturers, retailer etc, or look for work in an Enterprise Architecture consultancy. If you wanted to move into EA consultancy then most of the large consultancies have EA practices. I know IBM, HP, Cap Gemini all have EA practices and are recruiting at the moment and I am sure there are other smaller or specialised companies in the EA space.

At this stage what would my typical work profile be if I get a EA job?
This is a really good question. EA is very broad in its scope, and the EA means different things to different people and organisations. The major interest area tends to be creating strategic ‘to-be’ architectures which often (always?) includes looking at the as-is architecture and what exists today and making decisions on what the strategic architecture should look like in future. A huge part of EA in general is communicating and selling your ideas and vision.  The main area that I work in is the evaluation of IT offerings against the business processes and business requirements and selecting the strategic applications and middleware to meet those requirements. I would call this Enterprise Application Architect. In my mind there are four technology specialties which coincidently match how TOGAF splits EA into Business, Applications, Infrastructure and Data. In no particular order they are:

  • Enterprise Applications Architect, as described above this looks mainly at creating strategic architectures focussed on software, both applications and integrations
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Architect looking at hardware, networks, operating systems, server locations and capacity etc, and within this further specialization would be Security and Networking.
  • Enterprise Business Architects, looking specifically at business processes design and optimization
  • Enterprise Data Architects looking at data requirements, placement, maintenance and reporting

Deploying or improving governance processes like architecture review boards, IT spend planning and change management is also likely to be part of the work.

So in summary you could be doing anything in the EA space :)

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1. Selva - September 21, 2008

Good & very precise post!.

I am preparing to take TOGAF certification & looking for honest ‘feedback’ from the one who are certified. To me, this post gives a positive signal. Of course, any certification will be evaluated by taker against its market ‘value’ and how far it is going to support your day-to-day tasks.

Jennifer LeCointe - August 3, 2012

I am looking for TOGAF Certified professionals for remote and on-ste long term projects in the investment banking domain.Please email you resume to me as an MS Word attachment if you are available and interested. Thanks in advance!

Email: jennifer@rmscorp.com
Phone: 212-840-8666 ext 229

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3. Richard Noon - November 29, 2008

Hmmm. I think the TOGAF 8 thing is only good for your CV. As a practical toolkit it is almost completely useless. This is largely because it doesn’t contain a meta-model and is focused on the production of Architecture in itself rather than solving business problems which should be the raison d’etre of EA. To give an example, I did a consulting job at a leading high st. retail bank where their 4 TOGAF architects were producing work which was completely different from one another even though they sat next to each other. Sure, some of the artefacts had the same names but the content… well – the less said about that the better. TOGAF 9 should improve this since it incorporates the Capgemini IAF as a metamodel. I am TOGAF certified and all I had to do was sit in front of 700 powerpoint slides for 4 days. I think TOGAF is a process which suggests the kinds of things you should think of it doesnt tell you what any of these ‘things’ should look like or, how they link to each other. Technically, it has no taxonomy of artefacts, metamodel or real ontology in it.

4. chriseaton - November 30, 2008

Richard, I completely agree with what you are saying. The certification is limited. TOGAF is a tool (not a good one particularly in my opinion) but thats about all at the moment. I absolutely agree that it is crucial to work with an given organisation to define what the organisation wants to deliver with an EA programme and focus the work to deliver against that. any given artefact may be needed, or maybe not.
From my experience with the IBM Enterprise Architecture method I know this is more advanced and integrated than Togaf. Togaf is a thick book which i swear could be condensed to 50 pages not 500, there is alot of extraneous materials in there, an immediate example which springs to mind is the Standards Information Base which could be really really useful but misses the mark by a country mile…

the last point you make on taxonomy of artefacts, metamodel, ontology is an excellent one, the consequence is there is no referential integrity across the artefacts and EA processes and therefore the method doesnt hold together under any level of scrutiny. It is a jigsaw that doesnt fit together, has pieces which dont fit in the picture and also pieces which are needed to complete the picture but which are missing

I look forward to seeing TOGAF 9 but perhaps I misunderstood the authoring process it seems very hard to participate in the revision process. Considering it is ‘The Open Group Architecture Framework’, it really doesnt seem all that ‘Open’ at all. You have to have membership which is pretty expensive unless your in a position where your employer has paid the fees. I would love to make positive contribution to fixing these problems rather than only being able to poke holes…

5. Roger James - December 17, 2008

Chris, Richard,
Pretty much 100% in agreement with what you’re saying. I have a little tit-bit of information which might throw some further light on TOGAF 9 (or perhaps 10). Cap-Gemini are putting a lot of effort into getting their IAF technique more or less adopted by the (not so-)Open Group as an integral part of TOGAF. This would provide the missing meta-model layer. And of course, leave Cap’s rivals (principally IBM) well and truly stuffed.

6. Try Algebra - April 30, 2009

Now as of Feb 09, 2009 we have TOGAF 9 which includes Meta Model as well.
Still I am not sure if it is safe to make an investment of nearly 1000USDs to get the certification.
As my company is not going to sponsor a week-long course, Can someone help me to understand,
1.If I go through the TOGAF 9 book is that sufficient to pass the exam?

7. harsh - May 11, 2009

I have started going through Togaf 9 book.. took good amount of time to get it delivered through amazon. Dont know whether this certification is really worth….whats the return on investment … as my company too is not sponsoring the course..so I am preparing for the exam…anything else of refer ?? or is the book sufficient to crack both the parts of the exam…I checked today and only 198 are togaf 9 certified…
If anyone else is also trying to prepare for the examination…lets co-ordinate…and work out collaboratively…

(solutions/systems architect)

8. HJB - June 1, 2009

Harsh, We can try study and exchange ideas together, I’m here in the United State and still trying to understand the value of 9. What I kinda like about 9 though is the elaboration on SOA and Security which is extremely critical in any organization

9. sandeep - June 24, 2009


I am studying for TOGAF exam .I have already played architect role where i had formulated business and technology architecture for big client .My queston is
1) Shoud i study for TOGAF 8 or TOGAF 9 ?
2) Should i take TOGAF8 exam now and then give bridge exam later for TOGAF 9 ?

10. Abhishek Kumar - August 7, 2009


Does anyone in the group has TOGAF exam dumps or question bank to practice? I have booked the exam for 1st Sept and do not have enough questions to practice other then the questions at the end of each chapter in the study guide + list of 68 questions in the same guide.

Would really appreciate if anyone can share the question bank, if available. My email address is abhishek.kr.uk@gmail.com

Best Regards,

11. chriseaton - August 25, 2009
12. PD - October 6, 2009


I am also preparing for TOGAF exam and suffer from the lack of suitable materials. I decided to use TOGAF 9 book [version one can freely download from togaf page]. Is it sufficent for preparation or one need to use study guide [something else?]

I will realy appriciate any hints or materials przemyslaw.dudek.x@gmail.com

Best Regards,

13. Martin Sheridan - October 14, 2009


I’ve been developing software for the past 22 year, 14 of which I’ve spent as a consultant. In recent years I find myself more and more involved in application architecture and framework developement. I have a passion for methodology and I’m very focused on developing and delivering from the business’s perspective as well as the users’. I’m certified MCSD .NET and I’m looking to take the next step in my career and move into the EA space.

Is TOGAF worth while?

Thoughts appreciated.

Kind regards,

chriseaton - October 14, 2009

i think the answer is most probably yes it is worth doing but influenced by your individual circumstances and opportunities. For someone who is new to architecture the answer must be it is definitley worthwhile to demostrate a knowledge of an architecture framework. For someone who is more familiar with architecture methods i think the value is a great deal less in my opinion because of TOGAF limitations which dont appear in commercial frameworks like the IBM Global Services Method*.

Anyone hiring an architect will be looking for knowledge and experience of TOGAF most likely supported by TOGAF certification so that is a good reason to have experience with TOGAF. One great advantage of TOGAF is that it is free online to read so gaining an appreciation of TOGAF is within your own hands. The exams are not that cheap if you are paying yourself as an independant consultant. Attitudes to certification vary considerably in my experience but it can do you no harm to have certification, whereas not having certification may mean you are instantly discounted.

Regarding training I have been on 2 TOGAF courses both of which were disappointing and just went through the content in the book so i would question the value of attending a course. Having said that, being able to say you have been formally trained does give some credibility that your understand it.

Hope this helps somehow!



* There are good bits in TOGAF but my main critiscms are weak editing and isolation from implementation projects.
The consensus editting has resulted in the persistance of content which should just be deleted (enterprise continuum is a prime candidate especially in togaf 9)
TOGAF also completely omits linkages to IT project management and IT implementation projects which is just bizarre – one would think that TOGAF architects just architect and dont implement real solutions… ivory towers anyone?

Alan G - November 3, 2010

Togaf is a process for delivering architecture projects. It does not really say anything about how to produce an architecture or what that should look like. (It really has nothing like the Zachman taxonomy of artefacts for example, and indeed makes a point that Zachman can be used within the Togaf process). I would liken Togaf to the ITIL model in IT operations, a set of tools and processes from which you select the ones that apply to a given project.

A software development/design background will help but not be sufficient to deliver an EA. You need some Business analysis and project management skills, some high level data (or object) modelling etc etc too. Togaf does not give you the technical skills just an organisational/process framework within which to operate.

All “in my opinion” of course. Based on attending a Togaf course but not having used Togaf in anger yet.

14. Ajay S - November 27, 2009

Hi all, Kindly help me here

I have been as a support person in Oracle HR/IRec for some time. I have no tech background, but am more of a business process analyst experience ( at low levels ). I want to improve my skills in business analysis and have a good match of business and tech knowledge. I woudl like to do stuff like business process analysis, critical path and documentation. Kindly tell me if I should learn TOGAF or some other course, which will help me here. I am ann Indian working currently in Swizterland ( but dont speakl French ) and so want some online courses where I dont have to go to India ( or outside Geneva ) for exams. I have 3 months before I can prove myself in this area, and get a new job in this org, so help soon.

chriseaton - November 28, 2009

togaf isnt so focused on business analysis and it avoids discussion on detail technology solutions to keep neutrality.
If you see yourself following a business analyst career i would suggest looking at the rational unified process especially use cases this is has a lot of traction

15. riccardo - November 28, 2009

i´m an EAI architect and i would like to extend my career path toward the EA. I´m thinking to take the TOGAF certification, but since i´m sure in the market it is important the experience, does someone of you know if with EAI architecture knowledge is enough to convince an employer to become an EA architect with the TOGAF certification?


chriseaton - November 28, 2009

togaf is a good place to start on the road to being an architect either in the strategy or solution space. Obtaining the qualification will show determination to enter this career. I would have thought that some experience would be important to a new employer. Is there any opportunity to have a discussion with your current employer on performing some architecture work?

Jess - January 5, 2012


16. pkjain - December 18, 2009


It really has been a great blog answering most of my questions….however, just looking for an advice Chris, I am a solutions architect for Oracle EBS…and support sales. Want to get into Enterprise Business Architect or application architect roles…..I am quite business oriented person otherwise….do you think I should go for TOGAF and which version….?
Since I don’t have to hardsell in the open market….. I can just ask my manager…..can I go for TOGAF 8.0 some unsolicited mail for which keep coming every weekend…. I checked they are registered on TOGAF site…

I just want some quick results…..to talk to my manager….

One last question, how different is this certification from ITAC….. agina from TOGAF

chriseaton - December 18, 2009

thanks for the generous comments.
I think TOGAF is good option, it is not too difficult to achieve and would be a logical step on the path to your career goals. Definitly go for TOGAF 9 thats the latest greatest version.

In regard to your question on TOGAF versus ITAC the two certifications are related but quite different
TOGAF certification is about knowledge of TOGAF itself and so it can be taken by anyone.
ITAC is about proving you are a good architect and have a sustained record of delivering in an architecture role. This is through a combination of written proof, interviews and references from senior customers.

The effort to achieve ITAC is quite alot higher than the effort to acheive TOGAF certifcation. Have a look at the document templates you need to complete ITAC -> http://www.opengroup.org/itac/cert/docs/templates.tpl
Straightway you can see it is quite long and it is very important to complete this to a high standard.

It is hard to judge the value of ITAC in the IT Industry. The major IT consultancies do look for it. Having gone through the certification process when i meet anyone who has the certification they instantly have my respect because of the commitment it takes to achieve it. If i had a pile of CVs/Resumes in front of me i would certainly give preference to professionals with ITAC. In this context ITAC is a very good door opener

17. Venkat Ramanan - January 13, 2010

I am taking an Enterprise Architecture Subject in my Masters Course, TOGAF 8 certification is optional, with out the need to write additional exams. Have to pay $800 for TOGAF 8 and an equal amount for TOGAF 9 bridging exam. My question is, will it not be convincing to tell the employers that i have learned EA and written exam based on TOGAF 8 as part of my academic study.
And also will TOGAF 8 certification enough in present scenario? or we need TOGAF 9?

18. Abhay - February 1, 2010

Hi, I have read all of your advices, suggestions & I really liked them. I am working as Sr. technical Engineer & largely have infrastructure support, IT management services & data center automation background. Presently I am working with Enterprise Solution technology team on client automation tool. Lately I came across TOGAF 9 certification & thinking about this certification. Will it really add value to my CV & career path as Enterprise Architect??

Thanks, Abhay

chriseaton - February 1, 2010

my own opinion is that it will add value to your CV.
It shows a commitment to the architect profession and that you have at least some knowledge of probably the best known architecture framework in the IT industry. Several companies i have worked with are insisting on TOGAF certification.

The other way round of asking this question is ‘if i dont have this certification will this matter?’ my view is that togaf does not help an enormous amount with performing your job. However, in a situation where you had 2 CVs where one person has TOGAF certification and the other does not, then all other things being equal I would think that most people would elect to interview the person with TOGAF certification over the person without it

19. Amresh Chaudhary - February 5, 2010


I am a PLM Support Project lead & have come across TOGAF some time back. Plz can anyone tell me whether this sort of certification will be worthful

20. Srinivas - March 18, 2010


Its worth readin this blog to understand the TOGAF certification who’s interested before taking up TOGAF.

21. Durgasubburaman - April 2, 2010

Hi chriseaton,
How are you? I hope you migh busy on your schedule.
I have 10+ years exp in IT development. I completed MCSD.NET and MCPD EAD. I was involved architect designing in Airlines domain.
I would like write MCA (microsoft certified Architect), it is too costly as well as it has more prequrest in other tech (sqlserver — DBA,master in sql server) eventhough i completed MCPD EAD

So i would like ToGAF 9 EA.
Please update your suggestion about following.
1. I need to write as indiva idual instead of sponsore by company. Shall i need to join a couro se? if yes, is there any place in chennai(india) to join this?

2) If it is possible to prepare by self, please suggest?
3) Is it poissble to write the exam at chennai?
4) It seems there are 2 papers(foundation and Enterprise architect). How do i prepare?
5) Is all exams are choise question like MCPD in online?
6) Could we able to simulate exam by site?
7) Is it need to be memember of opengroup for getting knowledge about TOgaf or else from Site
8) After completing this, is i need to write ITAC, if yes please update your suggestion to do the same
Thanks a lot

chriseaton - April 26, 2010

1 and 2) my own opinion is that to pass the exam you dont need to go on the course. Study TOGAF 9 carefully making sure you look at all the material on the open group website relating to the exam and the questions you can expect. There maybe other reasons to go on the course other than passing the exam such as the exercises and networking, and credibility that you have taken a formal course.
3) not sure, the exam is booked through prometric, have a look at their website they have worldwide coverage
4) there are two papers – the multiple choice is the first exam, the second exam is the scenario questions. To prepare look at the open group website and the content that they state maybe questioned in the exams you shuld have a thorough knowledge of all of this content. The multiple choice questions should be similar to the kinds of questions i put in my test question set, albeit, they maybe a touch easier. The scenario questions again should be similar to the scenario questions i posted, if in doubt choose the longest answer!
5) i am afraid i have never taken the MCP exam to know if togaf is similar or not
6) if i had a lot more time on my hands i might think about it but my baby daughter is quite a handful!
7) no you dont need to be a member of the open group to access togaf or take the exam. Togaf is freely available on the open group website

ITAC is an altogether more involved process, not one for the faint hearted! ITAC could happy take 50 to 100 hours just to write the documentation needed for the reviews. When you need help with that let me know

22. targatetogaf - July 2, 2010

really a very good discussion from chriseaton. good comments and suggestion from him.
I’m planning to appear the exam with self study.
after from your sample questions what you have put here, if you have any question dump can you please share with me (targatetogaf@gmail.com).
Thank you in advance.

It is my request and advance thanks to everybody if he/she can share practice question dump with me.

23. Deepak - July 8, 2010

Hi Chris,
I really enjoyed reading your post. I must say wish I could have come across it much earlier. I’m myself am preparing to do my TOGAF cert. and move to UK. Any advice or suggestion in this regards would be really appreciated.



24. AKB - July 28, 2010


Very detailed insights actually. Thanks.

one query:

How much does it cost to arrange a TOGAF certified course for a team 5-6 people. Appreciate your answer in advance.


25. Sam - July 28, 2010

Hi all, I am being nominated to attend the 4 days workshop for TOGAF 9 part 1 and 2 exam conducted by company called ” Architechting the enterprise”. One small question… does that mean, i do not need to take the exam after workshop and i will get certified ? or after that I need to take the certification also? Please help and let me know.

chriseaton - August 3, 2010

yes you have to take the exam to obtain togaf 9 certification

26. Ganesh - August 2, 2010


First of all a massive thanks to Chriseaton for sharing invaluable experience and I appreciate comments from all people, and it is really a shame that I came to this post a bit late.
I have recently studied TOGAF 9 books and intending to sit for pat 1 & 2 in a go.

I would not repeat the same things again that it is not very practical and does not have meta-model and it could be condensed to 50 pages, but before going for the exam I have a question and would like to know comments from you all.

I have worked on IBM tivoli security and IDM products for 5+ years and hold CISSP, at the moment my title is security engineer and I want to move up in the ladder so I looked at security architect. My day to day job involves system integration so that identities can flow through the disparate systems seamlessly and securely. Therefore it is necessary to understand various platforms and technologies but I don’t do the actual networks or infrastructure or penetration.

Though I have studied TOGAF and it was helpful in learning more about EA as whole and different parts of it I am not sure would it help me moving further in my career as it does not have a formal definition of “Security Architecture” maybe it is a subset of Information architecture (application and data).

My question is that are there any architects in industry with security focus (Not just infrastructure or network ) but overall information systems security and design security solutions in top-down approach, and more importantly would they consider TOGAF as a value add.

I hope I haven’t deviated from the main topic of discussion. Sorry if I have.

Jhon - October 2, 2010

you stated that you “wouldnt repeat the same things again” what exactly do you mean? are you referring to study material?

please advise as I am just barely at the beginning stages of researching information regarding TOGAF and eventually want to become certified..

27. Sriram Sabesan - August 31, 2010

Thanks to Chris in providing a quality forum to seek clarifications and pursue appropriate career path.

I want to keep my posting focused on certification and may have to repeat a few things.

From this discussion point of view, Open Group has two focus areas. Standard Method for Architecture Development (TOGAF), Industry neutral benchmarking of IT Professional who develops systems and architecture (ITAC & ITSC).

TOGAF Practitioner certification is meant for folks who want to define a framework for the company that can be used to develop multiple solution architectures in consistent manner. TOGAF Certification focuses on one’s knowledge in understanding ADM and application of ADM in developing architecture development framework.

In practice TOGAF in-and-of-itself is not sufficient to define, develop and implement architecture framework. TOGAF itself makes references to PMI / PRINCE2, ITIL, Zachman, etc. Search for an article by Roger Sessions in comparing various architecture frameworks. Even though outdated, it is a reasonable starting point. For anyone in IT, it makes sense to understand ADM, so that they can make their job and life easy.

The specialist certification (ITSC) is focused mainly on technical skills and experience in applying those skills – example for specialist areas: application integration, IT security, Network management, Storage management. In my view, this path is meant for people who want to have their focus “foot wide and mile deep” in their area of choice.

The architect certification (ITAC) is focused on development of system of systems and is looking for leadership, scope, depth and breadth of impact of their work in developing architecture for system of systems. In my view, this path looks for say “hunderd foot deep and mile wide” in most areas and “foot wide / mile deep” in one of the architecture area.

Microsoft & IASA have their certification programs that are comparable to ITAC. They are also process intensive (some requiring you to appear for exams in subject areas), as well as expensive. As Chris mentioned, ITAC is not for the faint hearted.

I understand that Cap Gemini and CC & C Solutions are offering TOGAF training courses in India. Open Group will have its first ITAC certification board in India in November 2010. Prometric is offering TOGAF testing facility in India. (I am not affiliated / associated with any of these organizations).

If you need any help in TOGAF / ITAC space, let me know rssriram@hotmail.com.

28. Aniket - October 11, 2010

Hi Chris,
I have a total of 6 years experience in software development with recent 2 years being in BPM Metastorm and Savvion. I had a job offer from a company which wanted a combination of Metastorm BPM and Provsion(this is a EA tool). And post this I was looking for courses related to EA. I would like to know: 1. Can TOGAF help me in moving up the ladder? 2. To be a EA should you have more years of professional experience in your own field?
Thank you,

chriseaton - October 11, 2010


my own opinion is that certification can help your career, it shows drive and professionalism and that you have a clear direction. Will it get a promotion, probably not? but I firmly believe it will help you on your way…
Regarding your second question ‘should you have more years of professional experience in your own field?’ my opinion is that as your career grows as an architect you should have increasing breadth of experience and shallower (and shallower) depth of experience .
It sounds like you are in a good position with experience of BPM tools, EA tool experience beyound that sounds like a good logical step

29. Nirupama - October 20, 2010

Hi I am an Oracle DBA with 5 yrs of IT experience.I wish to progress as a Solution Architect.. Will Togaf certification be ideal for me? I currently dont have any architect experience….Can anyone please help me decide?

30. Atheek - November 8, 2010


I am also planning to start preparing for TOGAF 9.. Since I want to spent some quality time in preparation, I hope I will be writing the exams 6 months down the line..My Question is will TOGAF 9 be still there around that time..or are we expecting a TOGAF 10 in near future.

Also what is the importance of getting recertified with the latest version..is this mandatory ?


31. Venkatesan - November 10, 2010

Hi ,

I have 12 years of experience in IT, wherein 5 years in RFP, Solutioning & Resource estimation for the projects and also i’m a certified ITSM.
And i’m interested in taking TOGAF 9.
Could someone tell me, does taking TOGAF 9 certification will help my career and can i take EA ladder.

Appreciate your assistance in advance.


32. RAVI - November 19, 2010

Venkatesan, the following link will help you get some idea about EA role.

Singapore goverment aligned Job Role Competencies,Career Path Possibilities ,Primary Responsibilities and ….mainly what are Relevant Courses & Recommanded course . (Ofcourse , courses in singapore,but you can get some idea)

here is link for “Enterprise Architecht”.


From here, choose your “current job role” and check what certification will help you step ahead.

Best regards

Venkatesan - November 22, 2010

Thank you Ravi, now i got an idea about pursuing my career in EA.

33. Siva - January 12, 2011


I am also planning to start preparing for TOGAF 9 certification.It will be great if anyone can let me know where I can get the books for preparation.Any store in Chennai(India)?

Thanks in advance!


chriseaton - January 12, 2011

the togaf book would be a good start, and even better it is available free on the open group website

34. Jeyanthi - January 13, 2011


I am in vlsi file as frontend verification lead. I wanted to get into some non technical line, where am just managing the project. I thought PMP certification would help me in managing my work with the knowledge acquired.

My friend was suggesting me about togaf certification. how far will it be useful for me and my experience??

Thanks ..

chriseaton - January 13, 2011

if you want to be an architect then i would recommend TOGAF

if you want to be a project manager i would recommend PMP

the two certifications are clearly targetted towards their specific audiance

35. Venkat - January 14, 2011

Hello Chriseaton,

I am a s/w developer with Masters from a premier institute and with about 3 years of exp from India. I would like to know if the TOGAF certification helps me plan a better career ahead. I have very little knowledge about EA (through your blog and other websites).

Thank you in advance.

36. Ganesan - January 18, 2011

Hi Chriseaton & Sriram,

Thanks for sharing your experience, tips and roadmap to TOGAF 8/9. My question to Chris is, will it be sufficient/justifiable if an architect with 8 years of IT experience and 2 to 3 years of architect experience with TOGAF 9 cerfication will lead him/her to EA in the next role. Will the industry consider them as an EA just because they are TOGAF certified. I am bit confused here, as you have mentioned EA itself is a broad discipline. Can you give some insights about the minimum expereince/exposure that you expect from any aspiring EAs, or the to-be EAs over and above TOGAF.

My question to rest of the folks, I am based out of Chennai, and would like to certify TOGAF 9, so was wondering any one started the journey recently, any one have attended TOGAF training courses conducted by CC & C solutions. Pl reply.

37. Abhishek Singhal - March 17, 2011

Please let me know the certification fees and if there is any training provider in Delhi region (India).
Also if anyone can provide links to download study material +dumps on question patterns/sets it would be really beneficial.



38. Vijay - April 12, 2011


Am into SAN – Storage and Backup Admin and Consulting kind of job having 7 years of experience. I am very much interested in becoming a Storage/Technical Architect. Am not sure if pursuing TOGAF 9 certification would help/boost my career. Please let me know.


Chris Eaton - May 7, 2011

in my opinion it definitly would. It doesnt really matter which area of IT you work in, for credibility as an architect in any field TOGAF knowledge or certification is a must have on your CV/resume

39. Carlos S - April 15, 2011

Great blog! I have over 20 yrs in IT (mainframe) from programmer to technical lead thru Systems Engineer and Pre/Post Sales Support. Lately I am doing a lot of support on Legacy Modernization/Transformation, helping companies move out of mainframe into Java/Oracle or C#/SQL Server. I have been wondering if TOGAF would help me, since I don’t want to be that technical anymore nor I want to be a project manager or sales exec.

I work from home and have a time to take on line classes, so ANY pratical adivise would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Eaton - May 7, 2011

it might help to fully think through what your career roadmap is. TOGAF is a useful tool in the kitbag for an architect, but if you want to work in operations you would be better served by ITIL or COBIT

40. Rhk - May 7, 2011


Thank you for providing much information on TOGAF.

I have been working with mainframe related technologies for past 10 years. Have been mostly working on legacy integration projects involving websphere mq and SOLA. Earlier i was also involved with an EAI team for few years.

My company is offering a 5 day course in TOGAF.
I see it as an opportunity to venture into the world of architecture.
Could you please let me know whether TOGAF would help me in my career considering my technical exposure was mostly into mainframe and middleware.


Chris Eaton - May 7, 2011

sounds like it would, TOGAF is useful to anyone working in the IT industry and knowledge of it is a must for anyone who wants credibility as an architect

41. Swami - May 9, 2011

I’m into IT Infrastructire management (Windows/Storage/backup & Securtiy) for 13 years and looking for TPGAF – Architecture certification (I don’t have Level 1 & level 2 certificates). Can I still take level 3 certification. my company can sponsper for 1 certification only (Exam fee or course). Can you advise if any ACP available in Brisbane, Australia

Chris Eaton - May 9, 2011

i think there is a slight misunderstanding in how the certification works

there are only 2 parts if you pass both of these you have achieved full TOGAF certification, there is no level 3 certification

there is a nice little flow diagram explaining this on the TOGAF website -> http://www.opengroup.org/togaf9/cert/index.tpl

hope this helps

42. Sreedhara - May 31, 2011

I am PMP certified and working as Project Lead/PM. I have 12 EXP as Developer, Software Engineer, Project Lead/PM. Involved design , developments and Project Managment of software componenet. is TOGAP helpfull to for career?

Chris Eaton - June 30, 2011

it is if you want to move to architecture.

If Project management is your thing have a look at the Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional qualification

surya - September 18, 2011

She says she is already PMP certified !!!!

43. Chetan - June 7, 2011


Got some pretty decent insights.But one thing struck me that a lot of my fellow Indians have put their questions or voiced their opinions here.

I get a feeling that its a rat race out there to get certified.No disrepect to anyone though.

44. EA Guy - July 12, 2011

Chris, thanks for your helpful insights. I have completed the certification. Advice to all those who wish to go for it. I don’t think TOGAF or EA is for sissies. If you are looking for just another ‘credential’ don’t do it. If you have interest in Technical work and have at least 10+ years experience in either business or IT function go for it. It is for those who are serious about EA or bear minimum Architecture.

45. Robert W - September 15, 2011

Hi Chris + others, thanks for this hugely helpful post and subsequent comments.

I am a software engineer with 10 years experience and I am considering either TOGAF 9 or IASA certification. I’m trying to move away from being lead on projects; where I am doing some architecture, some development and lots of developer management and into higher level enterprise architecture. With any luck, I can start to gain some experience of this within my organisation whilst getting certified, albeit at my own cost! I’d like to move over to consulting once I have some decent experience in EA, along with the certification.

In light of that, do you think that either TOGAF9 or IASA has more value over the other, or have a different emphasis or are they largely equivalent?

Thanks very much again, highly informative.

Chris Eaton - September 17, 2011


i havent heard of IASA, could you post a link please?

perhaps you dont need to treat them as exclusive, perhaps you could do both? The TOGAF examination really isn’t that much work in my humble opinion…

46. Shams - September 18, 2011


This is a very informative post and discussions .. My role 50% technical and 50% managerial and I would like to continue the same proportion in my career !!.

I wish to gain more knowledge in all areas of application development and planning to go through ITIL for process understanding , TOGAF ,or anything similar, for Architecture and Technology, PMP for Project Management , and Domain that we have to learn ourselves :)

Is there anybody in the group who has done PMP, TOGAF and ITIL? Any advice from the experts who has go the right blend of technical and managerial skills will be very helpful and appreciated..

Thanks in advance..

47. ij - September 20, 2011

IASA is the offshoot from the previous Microsoft offering for EA’s. The one that would have cost you $25,000. They dropped it, the person who was heading it up went and basically transferred the offering to his new pitch – hence, IASA. It has a similar flavour to ITAC.

48. Deepak - September 22, 2011


I recently started looking for TOGAF certification, as i want to learn something new which can help me to grow.


Currently i have PMP, SCEA. and yes like in future, i am too looking for something like technical manager role and not project manager. So currently exploring TOGAF. Not sure, will be doing it or not. But if i found interesting, i will definitely do it otherwise i will keep searching for something else.


49. MAK - September 30, 2011

Hey Chris,


I am currently working with one of top Indian IT outsourcing firms in a Business Development/ Presales kinds of a profile.
I also have hardware sales exp with HP & am a certified IBM cloud advisor.
So, from career pt of view, i want to get into Consultative selling kinda of a profile …. so can TOGAF help in long run ?

I have already started prep and should be able to crack it.



50. Ashok - November 28, 2011

Hi Chris, Really nice post to get an insight on TOGAF.

To become an enterprise architect is my long term goal.

I am a Backup and revocery specialist and have an experience of about 5 years. Still can i take the TOGAF Certification.

51. Enpu - November 30, 2011

Hi Chris,

I’ve been doing a lot of cloud solutions design/engineering work and am being asked to devote some time to either TOGAF or the CISSP-ISSAC certifications as my employer is moving towards providing more Enterpise Security Architecture services to their customers. How would you compare the two and od you have any alternatives to TOGAF as perhaps a better EA certification/study path.?

52. Trevor - December 19, 2011

Just one question. Is the TOGAF or ITAC about to filter people who never code enough?

Chris Eaton - December 21, 2011

i dont think either organisation filter on that criteria

if your getting your hands dirty regularly on code then, to me, that suggests you are probably not an architect…

Trevor - December 22, 2011

You just open up my career path that I want to be. I feel reluctant to let go all my technical skills and pursue project management work.


53. Trevor - December 22, 2011

Do you think this is the need of all organization nowadays to rival upon economy down turn and the recession?

As developer for 10 years, I see IT gaining important and the paper system. A lot of jobs transitioning to programming and various other roles in IT.

I also do suspect, in future, Architect will be the one that is more important than a CEO or will be the next person in charge or easily promoted to.

Can you clarify my thought?

Chris Eaton - December 22, 2011

you must have read Togaf!

I think you could read it and conclude that architects are more important than any other job role in any organisation. This clearly isnt the case and never will be.

I am particularly critical of the ADM crop circle diagram on this point as it has no linkages to any non architecture processes – it is quite bizarre!

Jyoti - January 5, 2012


I am working in Switzerland as an application analyst (job is to support the application in case of failures and training new users and support BAT) for a Stocks related company, now my company is providing TOGAF/EA training, its a 4 days course, My interest is to become a Business Analyst, can this course be helpful in this journey?

Can you suggest any other courses which can change my career path from this role to that of a Business Analyst.


54. Satyendra - January 17, 2012

Hello Chris,

very nice blog, after reading this i got the motivation to TOGAF 9 certified. I want to take one step at a time and want to clear foundation exam first. My question is , is it sufficient to study with Open Group prescribed book or do i must attend classroom classes. I am IT BASIS consultant from past 10 years for SAP systems. Please suggest,

Chris Eaton - January 18, 2012

i think it is enough to use the togaf books. If you can do my multiple choice questions you will be in good position to pass

55. Param - January 30, 2012

Thought this might be useful to people reading this forum.
CC and C solutions has scheduled TOGAF® 9 certification training program in Bangalore, India for 13-February – 16-February 2012 and in Hyderabad, India 12-March to 15-March 2012. Please check out http://www.enterprisearchitecturetraining.com/.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone +9 1 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3

56. Hilary - January 30, 2012

I am a Unified Communications and Networking Consultant. Is there any value in me doing the TOGAF certification? Thanks

Chris Eaton - January 31, 2012

depends on what you want to do with your career. If you want to move into architecture TOGAF certification would seem like a good thing to do

57. Naveen - January 31, 2012

Hi Chris

Which author is good on TOGAF 9 is it Harrison or Manning?


Chris Eaton - January 31, 2012

dont know, never heard of either!

58. Naveen - February 1, 2012

Chris – I need pdf’s or white papers on TOGAF – 9 Foundation Course – Part-I, Would you please forward me any links or pdfs.

Thanks and Regards

59. Trevor - February 6, 2012

An overview video in youtube by Knotion is really interesting, I have gone thru it, getting a big picture of TOGAF.

60. Trevor - February 6, 2012

I tried to read the TOGAF book (10%), really a bit .. confused. And slow.

btw, Chris, is that good to go for PMP first? TOGAF seems like consuming part of it – Solution architecture. I am motivated to clear PMP first any how. :) will then come back to TOGAF… huge topic to me.

Chris Eaton - February 6, 2012

i did pmp and togaf

if you want to be a project/programme manager do pmp

if you want to be an architect do togaf

i had my own motivations for taking pmp in my short duration as a project manager, but, it wasnt for me and i had to stay closer to technology and went down an architect path and that the right decision then and now

61. Naveen - February 7, 2012

Hi Chris

Could you please help me with pdf’s or white papers on TOGAF – 9 Foundation Course – Part-I, Would you please forward me any links or pdfs. I want to clear the first paper.


62. Steve - February 8, 2012

Has anyone recently gained TOGAF certification? Can you please kindly share your preparation work? I have my exam in about month and mostly going through the TOGAF study material. Is that enough?

Thank you,

63. Naveen - February 9, 2012

Hi Steve

could you please share the study material to me. I am also planning to give the exam.

Thank You

Monika - May 16, 2012

I’m also going to take this exam. Could you please share me your preparation material? I’ll be very grateful.

Many thanks

64. sandeep - February 18, 2012

Hi Chris,

I am having 9 + years of experience in It infra mgmt like service mgmt .. i am prince 2 practitioner certified would doing TOGAF help me in my career growth.


65. Pram - March 2, 2012

Thought this might be useful to people reading this forum. CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in Bangalore, India for 16-April to 19-April 2012.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone (+9 1) 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3.

66. Dieter Georg - March 6, 2012

I have been in IT for 36 years and EA the last 20 (before there even was the concept of an EA) and I have architected from $5 to over $200 million plus systems for very large organizations. I co-authored Statements of (technology) Directions for organizations with IT shops 2,500+ staffg in size. I now consult on EA to organizations and often find that I have forgotten more about EA than most Architects have yet to learn.

I am not TOGAF certified and refused accredidation of same on several occasions (for various professional / organizational & political reasons). I deal with TOGAF certified Architects on a daily basis and have concluded that all this certification implies is the person’s ability to sit through 4 or 5 days of 200-some presentation slides without falling asleep (most of the time). It does not imply the person is a knowledgable Enterprise Architect, nor does it attest to the individual’s capabilities as an architect. I love people’s email signature listing all their certifications (i.e. TOGAF, etc.), especially when the body of the email and questions/comments raised often contradict the implied level of understanding of basic EA concepts & issues.

I have no issue with TOGAF as a method(ology) and represents a good starting point for most organizations/people to bring about some fashion of order (btw, so does Zachman’s “bento-box” of categorization). I believe – especially re EA – that any starting point is a good thing if it a) helps you understand what/how/where you need to move forward, and b) helps you with 60% of what you are trying to do (and thereby allows you to focus on the 40% still missing)

The problem as I see it is that too many people & IT organizations assume that tools like TOGAF will help them to be better EAs – and that often is unfortunately not the case. A toolbox is not going to make you a better plumber if you’re not a Plumber. A roadmap is not going to help you get anywhere if you don’t understand how to read it and/or if don’t know how to drive (or walk for that matter).

Simple interview question for any TOGAF certified EA candidate coming through your door should be: “Describe how TOGAF helped you solve your last major Enterprise Architecture challenge” and sit back and wait for the answer, because it will tell you what kind of capable architect yor dealing with!

Chris Eaton - March 7, 2012

nice post, i couldnt agree more!

67. Param - April 8, 2012

Thought this might be useful to people reading this forum.

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Chennai, India — 17-May to 20-May 2012.

Pune, India — 14-June to 17-June 2012.

New Delhi/NCR — 5-July to 8-July 2012.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone (+9 1) 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3

68. Gab Singh - April 12, 2012

Hi Param,

Pls let me know if you have any schedule for TOGAF 9.2 Certification training program.


Param - April 13, 2012

Hello Gabs,
TOGAF® 9.1 is the latest version.

69. pagal - April 20, 2012

go through the study material. donot think shortcut.

70. Aijaz - May 16, 2012

I am Looking for TOGAF training and Exams in Delhi in the month of August….Ne comments

Param - May 21, 2012

Hello Aijaz,
CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in
New Delhi/NCR, India — 5-July to 8-July 2012. In August, we have the same program scheduled in Chennai, India.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone (+9 1) 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3.


71. Swamy Gurram - May 28, 2012

Hi Param,
This is swamy, having 10 years of experience in Mainframes. I would like to get certified in TOGAF. Could you please provide any useful links to go through before attending the tarining. What will be the cost for training and certification?

Does it add any value to resume?

swamy G

72. gvadivel - May 28, 2012


If any one has the TOGAF 9 training materials and ppts please mail me.


73. Param - June 22, 2012

Thought this might be useful to people reading this forum.

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in Bangalore, India for 26-July to 29-July 2012.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone (+9 1) 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3

74. Nitin - June 29, 2012

Question: Is it required to be in a software architect role before going for TOGAF certification? I am just a Core java focused developer and do not want to spend time learning the enterprise java stuff just to become eligible for TOGAF. I wish to take on TOGAF directly from where I am now. What’s your advice ?

75. Yusuf - July 11, 2012


If any one has the TOGAF 9 training materials and ppts please mail me.


76. Param - July 20, 2012

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Chennai, India — 23-August to 26-August 2012.

Kolkata, India — 6-September to 9-September 2012.

Bangalore, India — 20-September to 23-September 2012.

Hyderabad, India — 27-September to 30-September 2012.

Pune, India — 25-October to 28-October 2012.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone (+9 1) 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3

77. Dilipkumar - August 3, 2012

Hi Folks,

I have certain questions before appearing TOGAF..

1) What is the min work experience needed to be eligible to appear this exam?

2) I have 4+ years of Database Administration experience. Are DBA’s eligible to take this exam?

3) Does classroom or tutor coaching mandatorily required to see through TOGAF?

Please share your valuable inputs..


Chris Eaton - August 3, 2012

there are no set requirements of experience or skills to take the exam

Arun - March 29, 2013

Hi Chris,

I am with a MNC as Technical Lead in Infrastructure Domain (Backup and Recovery Admin). I have 5 years of IT experience. My goal is to become a Technical Architect. However, I am unsure of the path to take. Is it a job designation that generic among all companies worldwide or a certified course? How and where should I begin to be a Tech. architect? Will taking TOGAF alone be sufficient? From the knowledge I gained on TOGAF, it doesn’t seem to test the technical expertise of an individual to certify him/her as Tech. architect. What tests the individuals technical skills as tech. architect?

I may sound ignorant with my questions. But your answers will be a helping hand to me.


Rashmi - December 25, 2013

Hi Chris,
Many thanks for the wonderful insights and tips on TOGAF But just wondering what is the starting point for an IT guy with around 15 yrs of Experience in ERP, CRM & Project Management. I mean what should be the preparation time, approach & basic requirements to sit for the exam.

78. Vzoo S - August 7, 2012

Hi Chris,

I have 10+ years experience in enterprise sales and presales in networking mainly Cisco products/solutions. I am also a certified Cisco design professional (CCDP).

Please suggest whether TOGAF Certification will add any value to my CV and help me somewhere in my career. I am bit confused on investing my time on this and your valuable guidance will be quite helpful.
Vzoo S

79. Senthil - September 1, 2012

I am working in Mainframe system administration for 5. I was involved in Transitions and migrations to mainframe for different clients. I am planning to do my TOGAF9.1 course + certification. My ambition is to become an infrastructure solutions architect. Am I in the right path to it ? Planning to take TOGAF 9.1 with Architecting the Enterprise. Will I be able to get a new role ? I understand that taking course + certification + understanding the role and concept is important. Please advise !!! Thanks.

80. Param - October 5, 2012

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Pune, India — 25-October to 28-October 2012.

Chennai, India — 22-November to 25-November 2012.

New Delhi/NCR, India — 7-December to 10-December 2012.

Bangalore, India — 27-December to 30-December 2012.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India – country code +91)

81. Param - December 19, 2012

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Bangalore, India — 27-December to 30-December 2012.

Bangalore, India — 24-January to 27-January 2013.

Bangalore, India — 9-February to 12-February 2013.

Bangalore, India — 2-March to 5-March 2013.

New Delhi/NCR, India — 14-March to 17-March 2013.

Mumbai, India — 21-March to 24-March 2013.

Chennai, India — 6-April to 9-April 2013.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India – country code +91)

82. Param - December 22, 2012

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF® 9.1 certification training program in the Middle-East as follows:

Dubai, UAE — 3-March to 6-March 2013.

Dubai, UAE — 19-May to 22-May 2013.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). phone + 91 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3

Siju - March 4, 2013

Hi Param,

Can you please let me the course fee in UAE and India. Is there any schedule in India in May end.

Param - May 23, 2014

Hello Siju, I have sent an email to you. Regards.

83. Jitu - January 25, 2013

I am a GIS professional with 10 years of GIS applications development in .NET and Java environments. For last 3 years I have been doing ESRI GIS system architecture development and support work. Can you please let me know how beneficial would a certification in TOGAF be? I see ESRI posting jobs for EA positions with TOGAF requirements frequently.

Param - April 16, 2013

Yes. Jitu. TOGAF will be beneficial for your career. Please contact me at (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. Thanks

84. Satya Prakash - February 26, 2013

Thanks for the post. I got an email regarding the topic from training company. I am into web dev from 9 yrs. Would it help me!

Param - May 23, 2014

Yes. Satya. Please contact me at (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. Thanks

85. Param - April 16, 2013

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Hyderabad, India — 20-Apr to 23-April 2013.
Bangalore, India — 11-May to 14-May 2013.
Kolkata, India — 25-May to 28-May 2013.
New Delhi/NCR, India — 8-June to 11-June 2013.
Bangalore, India — 22-June to 25-June 2013.

Please send me mail at (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. Thanks

86. Asif - April 30, 2013


I have 10 yrs of experience in IT infrastructure. I am intrested in Togaf 9 Certification.if any one have TOGAF 9 training materials and ppts please mail me.



87. Abhishek Joshi - May 2, 2013


Right now i’m performing Delivery Lead role in End user computing services and having 9+ years of exp and aspiring for EA profile. To Achieve the same planning to give certification like TOGAF, PMP and CISSP.
Can you please let me know is it the right way? I don’t have any architectural exp.

Param - May 23, 2014

Hello Abhishek, Please contact me at (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. We can discuss. Thanks

88. Ali - May 2, 2013

Currently I am working as a Solution Architect and looking forward for TOGAF 9 certification. If any one is interested in group study, we can skype for meetings. I am in UK and my mail is hamidhsn at hotmail dot com

89. Coop - July 4, 2013

Hit guys, I have over 18 years of IT experiences. I am going for a job interview which require a TOGAF certification or similar. I have a Program Managment Certification and preparing for the PMP as well. How important is the TOGAF in the in the future and do you all think that PMP is similar to TOGAF?

Param - May 23, 2014

Hello Coop, PMP is different from TOGAF. PMP is for project managment whereas TOGAF is a methodology for enterprise architecture. Please contact me at (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. We can discuss. Thanks

90. vins - July 30, 2013

Hi All, I am working as System Admin for Wintel/Citrix from last 14 years, Looking for new roles in my role, Is TOGAF 9 helps me ..
Please Advise…

Your Vabluable quidance will be quite helpful.

Param - May 23, 2014

Hello Vins, Please contact me at (param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. We can discuss. Thanks

91. fleet management - August 20, 2013

I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which
blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve
had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

92. Param - September 1, 2013

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Sep 21-24 2013 — Bangalore, India
Sep 26-29 2013 — Chandigarh/Mohali, India
Oct 5-8 2013 — New Delhi/NCR, India
Oct 17-20 2013 — Ahmedabad, India
Oct 26-29 2013 — Bangalore, India
Nov 9-12 2013 — Jaipur, India
Nov 16-19 2013 — Kolkata, India
Nov 23-26 2013 — Bangalore, India
Dec 7-10 2013 — Chennai, India
Dec 14-17 2013 — Bangalore, India
Dec 19-22 2013 — Hyderabad, India

Please let us know if you or anyone you know would be interested (Email: support {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). or phones : 8 2 1 4 1 9 1 9 7 9 or 9 0 3 6 0 8 5 5 5 9 (India – country code +91)

rahul sharma - September 30, 2013

hi param, its Rahul Sharma from noida delhi ncr, want complete details about togaf course & its importance to an IT engineer. hopefully u ll help me regarding this. My email id is rahulsharma562@gmail.com

Param - May 23, 2014

My colleague Anuj who is based in Noida will contact you to help. Email: anuj {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com or phone at 9 5 8 2 7 7 7 9 7 8 (India number – country code +91). Thanks

93. Param - November 29, 2013

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Dec 7-10 2013 – Chennai, India
Dec 7-10 2013 – Pune, India
Dec 14-17 2013 – Bangalore, India
Dec 19-22 2013 – Hyderabad, India
Jan 4-7 2014 – Mumbai, India
Jan 18-21 2014 – Bangalore, India
Feb 1-4 2014 – New Delhi/NCR, India
Feb 22-25 2014 – Bangalore, India
Mar 1-4 2014 – Kolkata, India
Mar 8-11 2014 – Chennai, India
Mar 22-25 2014 – Bangalore, India
Apr 5-8 2014 – Hyderabad, India
Apr 26-29 2014 – Bangalore, India
May 3-6 2014 – New Delhi/NCR, India
May 24-27 2014 – Bangalore, India
June 7-10 2014 – Pune, India
June 21-24 2014 – Bangalore, India

Please let us know if you or anyone you know would be interested (Email: support {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com). or phones : 8 2 1 4 1 9 1 9 7 9 or 9 0 3 6 0 8 5 5 5 9 (India – country code +91)

94. SKumar - February 16, 2014

Hi Chris Eaton,
I am a Java Projects Manager with still hands on coding, also have a lot of experience in Project Management. I also have PMP certification. I am at the moment looking forward to positions in Technical Architecture. I have following questions:
1. Do you think TOGAF can make way for my career shift?
2. Will you advise me to take up the TOGAF course from an authorized training centre and get certified?
3. Or would you suggest doing the course by myself?

Whatever is your suggestion, please give me details.

95. Akhtar Ali - February 17, 2014

I become Certified But no scope of Enterprise Architecture here in Pakistan. Don’t know how and where to find a job :( :(, can anyone help me please????????????????

96. Param - May 23, 2014

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

May 24-27 2014 — Bangalore India
June 7-10 2014 — Pune India
June 21-24 2014 — Bangalore India
July 10-13 2014 — New Delhi/NCR India
July 26-29 2014 — Bangalore India
Aug 2-5 2014 — Kolkata India
Aug 16-19 2014 — Chennai India
Aug 23-26 2014 — Bangalore India
Sep 6-9 2014 — Hyderabad India
Sep 20-23 2014 — Bangalore India
Oct 11-14 2014 — Mumbai India
Oct 25-28 2014 — Bangalore India
Nov 1-4 2014 — New Delhi/NCR India
Nov 9-12 2014 — Dubai, UAE
Nov 22-25 2014 — Bangalore India
Dec 6-9 2014 — Kolkata India
Dec 13-16 2014 — Bangalore India
Dec 20-23 2014 — Pune India

Please let us know if you or anyone you know would be interested (Email: param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 or Email: anuj {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com or phone at 9 5 8 2 7 7 7 9 7 8 (India numbers – country code +91) for more details. Thanks

97. Param - September 6, 2014

CC and C solutions has scheduled its well-renowned and fully accredited TOGAF 9.1 certification training program in India as follows:

Oct 11-14 2014 Mumbai India
Oct 25-28 2014 Bangalore India
Nov 15-18 2014 New Delhi/NCR India
Nov 22-25 2014 Bangalore India
Dec 6-9 2014 Pune India
Dec 13-16 2014 Bangalore India

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested (Email: param {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com or phone me at 9 8 4 5 8 8 5 3 5 3 (India number – country code +91) for more details. Thanks

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